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Hi Dave, Was a kick to here my voice on your website. This is a nice little feature. I always wonder what I sound like from the other side and try to keep my signal clean and not push the processing too hard. So many times I hear you are the stongest signal's or similar reports but wonder just what that means. Now I know... Best wishes, Terry, KI7M
KI7M < > - Wed Apr 01 18:50:22 CET 2009

Thanks Dave, I will have a look/listen after the contest. 73 de .....Cliff, ZL4AS
ZL4AS < > - Wed Apr 01 18:50:22 CET 2009

Thanks for the Nice Qso on 20m maybe next time conditions will be a little better there was a lot of QSB but you were still 5/7 73's
HS0ZIQ < > - Wed Apr 01 18:50:22 CET 2009

Thank you dave for mp3 of my signal you have a very interesting website! cu again on the air 73,s Paul
HS0ZIN < > - Wed Apr 01 18:46:06 CET 2009

Thanks Dave for your kindness in recording the QSO. Hope to meet you in the near future on the bands. CT3 Madeira Contest Team CT9M/CQ9K
CT9M < > - Tue Mar 31 05:52:52 CET 2009

Thanks, Dave. This was a M/2, but I was the operator on 40 SSB when we made our QSO! Thanks and 73,
KD4D < > - Mon Mar 30 19:55:42 CET 2009

Tnx for the recording of last WPX contest SSB. look forward to get more in our next activity Luca
D4C < > - Mon Mar 30 19:06:36 CET 2009

Hi Dave nice HP and thanks for the recording of the OPs in Madeira. 73 Walter, DJ6QT & CT9L
CT9L < > - Mon Mar 30 18:50:06 CET 2009

Hi Dave Excellent & great idea of recording and web-site, I love it. It’s also the first time I can hear how my voice is in the other side of the world Great job Thanks Ziv
4X4OQ < > - Mon Mar 30 15:48:18 CET 2009

Dear OM Dave, thank you so much for our nice QSO as well as for giving me the opportunity to listen to my own signal. It was an interesting experience indeed. Looking forward to meeting you again on the bands. vy best 73 from Yokohama, Japan Michael 7J1ADS DF2UT
7J1ADS <> - Sun Mar 29 20:43:27 CET 2009

Dave, Thanks for the QSO and thank you for sharing the recording of our QSO. Best wishes and good DX. 73, Bob KC0ZRX
KC0ZRX < > - Fri Mar 27 20:43:53 CET 2009

Dear Dave, just took a break and found your e-mail - will listen to your recording later.
CN2BC <> - Fri Mar 27 20:26:17 CET 2009

Hi, Dave. Thank you very much for this present for me. This is very pleasure. Now, I can listening my signal outside. Dave, if you want, I can make record in MP3 your voice on the next weekend. Ra0ahc, Sergey
RA0AHC <> - Mon Mar 23  5:40:27 CET 2009

Tnx my dear for the good recoding i like it so see you on the log all the best de a41mx.
A41MX <> - Sun Mar 22 07:17:55 CET 2009

Dave, Thank you very much for sending me the recording you made when I was working on VP5. Amateur radio needs more hams like you! 73's & 88's Marsha Burke (K4IRI)
VP5/K4IRI <> - Sat Mar 21 06:49:55 CET 2009

Dave, Tnx much for Qso and great to hear the MP3 of my signal. It\'s not very often I get to hear myself at the DX end. 73 and all the best to you and your family. 73, Mike NW7E
NW7E <> - Sat Mar 21 06:40:46 CET 2009

Hi Dave Very pleased for this QSO on 17mt hope to meet you again on other bands.Also thank u for the recording. best 73 from Lebanon Joe OD5ET
OD5ET <> - Fri Mar 20 22:03:16 CET 2009

Thank you very much dear dave for the qso and for the record , this record knew me how my signal looking hi hi...thank you again from your friend Razi / yi1raz My Best Regard Razi
YI1RAZ <> - Fri Mar 20 22:00:34 CET 2009

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